Last year the first ever book on the fight against social dumping in Denmark was published.
Now we want to share the Danish experience and ask for help to get the book translated and spread throughout Europe

In 2014, Informations Forlag published the book Battle-sites (Kamppladser in Danish). The book tells the story about the Danish labor movement’s struggle against social dumping in the 10 years that elapsed since the EU’s eastern expansion began on the first of May 2004.

Accompanied by analyses and statistics, the book describes some of the most spectacular struggles that took place on six specific construction sites.

We, the authors, now wish to share the Danish experience with the rest of Europe. Everywhere in Europe today, construction workers as well as transportation workers, agriculture workers, and many many more, are fighting against the consequences of social dumping. National labor movements and political parties fight as best they can against social dumping in their respective countries. But seldom are their common experiences ever shared, and when they are, only inch by inch do the conclusions reach union members and activists. We believe it’s time we shared our experiences more fluidly from country to country.

This is why we are working on translating our book Battle-sites into English and German. Our hope is that the Danish experience, victories, and failures, can be used in the struggle against social dumping over all of Europe.

This website was constructed to promote our translation, and to ask all of you out there to help us materialize this project.

We gratefully welcome all contributions

– Jakob Mathiasen and Klaus Buster Jensen

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